Oula Labibidi Al-Salam Alaikum, My name is Oula Labibidi and I am the principal of Rahmah Academy. I began my teaching early in 2006 as I had a passion for the Arabic language and Quranic education.  This was followed by becoming the principal of an Islamic school in Tucson. I held this title for 4 years until I founded Rahmah Islamic Academy in August of 2018 which was tailored towards early childhood. I brought a wealth of experience and expertise in early childhood education, along with a deep understanding and appreciation for Islamic values and traditions. As the principal of Rahmah Academy, I embody the school's mission to provide a holistic educational experience rooted in Islamic values. I firmly believe that there is always a need for students to be in an Islamic environment due to the ever-changing societal beliefs. I also believe that education is not limited to academic achievements but encompasses the development of character, spirituality, and a strong sense of community. I have had a long-standing vision to prepare our students in becoming well rounded Muslims in any environment.

I believe that parent contribution has a long-lasting impact on their kids’ growth and learning. We would like to continue working with parents to supplement any gaps in the child’s education and make our school nationally recognized.

Throughout the years, and motivated by the needs of the Muslim community, we expanded the school to accommodate the increase in demand and student population. This year, we are happy to announce the opening of second grade and hope to add an additional grade every year!

I continuously work with my team to enhance their teaching skills by utilizing comprehensive curriculums, effective planning, advanced classroom management skills and more. Through our continued efforts, Rahmah Academy continues to flourish as an Islamic institution where young minds are nurtured, Islamic values are embraced, and futures are shaped with compassion and excellence.

Sincerely, Oula Labibidi

Unaiza Farook My name is Unaiza Farook. I am working as an Office Manager at Rahmah Academy and as a substitute teacher for 2 years. I post-graduated with an M.B.A (Master of Business Administration) from India, with dual specialization in HR and Marketing. I have Certifications in Project Management Professional (PMP) and Statistical Process Control (SPC). I am an HR Professional with a decade of experience working for Fortune 500 companies within the intricacies of people management, talent acquisition, organizational development, training implementation, and fostering a positive work culture. Passionate about promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace. I am highly skilled in market research, and data analysis, enabling me to develop tailored marketing strategies that resonate with target audiences. My strengths are people management, strong leadership abilities, and communication skills. Outside of work, I enjoy cooking, crocheting, and outings with family and friends. I am here to manifest my vision to take Rahmah Academy to greater heights. You can reach me at admin@mcctucson.org
Fatima Fahim Fatima Fahim is currently a Quran, Arabic and Islamic studies teacher at MCCT Rahmah Academy Islamic school since July 2021. She graduated with a BA in literature and education in 2002. She obtained another BA in Quran and Islamic Studies in 2016 from an Azhari affiliated institution. Fatima committed Quran to heart at an early age, perfected its tajwid. She has taught Arabic language and Quran in elementary and middle schools in Egypt. In addition, Fatima has participated in many training sessions and seminars on teaching Quran. Fatima taught Quran and Arabic for students at Al-Huda Islamic School 2015-2021. She also worked as a teacher and vice principal at MCCT Sunday school for many years.
Sarah Alfatesh Hello! My name is Sarah Alfatesh. I am a Pre-K teacher here at Rahmah Academy. I am a dedicated educator with a passion for fostering creativity and problem-solving skills within the classroom. I have studied elementary education for 2 years and am currently pursuing a master's in childhood development. With prior experience in teaching, I am committed to cultivating lifelong thinking skills and creating a dynamic learning environment for my students to thrive. I strive for my students to grow and learn in the most impactful and expressive ways, gaining skills that will last a lifetime.
Shrouq Al-Tamimi My name is Shrouq Al-Tamimi, and I am thrilled to introduce myself as your child's preschool teacher at Rahmah Academy. I hold a BA in Islamic Studies from the University of Jordan. My hobbies include reading books, cooking and baking, artwork etc. My passion for early childhood education has always driven me to create a warm and stimulating environment where children can grow and thrive. Passionate educator dedicated to fostering a love for learning and create engaging lessons that inspire critical thinking and encourage student growth. Committed to creating a positive and inclusive classroom environment, I aim to empower students with the knowledge and skills needed for success. This is my first year in teaching, and I’m so excited to be here with the kids. You can reach me at shrouq@mcctucson.org
Amal Alfatesh My name is Amal Alfatesh and I am a kindergarten teacher at Rahmah Academy and have been an educator at Rahmah Academy for the past 3 years. I was born and raised in Tucson, Arizona and have a bachelor’s degree in Studio Art from the University of Arizona. I love to paint and be creative. I have 5 years of teaching experience within the primary age, from preschool to 1st grade with core subjects. I enjoy teaching children and seeing all students grow and flourish in progressive educational settings. At Rahmah Academy, we are using the Savvas Realize curriculum, which is very in-depth and meets the requirements for the core of education. My goal is to find new and creative ways to present the curriculum for students to engage and enjoy learning. It is important for me to inspire the next generation to have confidence and problem-solving abilities in a safe and positive setting. It is always a joy to see the outcome of what students have learned and improved in many aspects within themselves and their learning potential. Rahmah Academy is a great school that continues to accomplish that with a great team of teachers.
Khadija Shujaat Zaidi My name is Khadija Shujaat Zaidi and I am an elementary teacher. I have a Masters in Economics. Working with young, keen minds and supporting their learning journey brings me joy. I am teaching Grade 1 this year. Two of my many goals in Grade 1 are: 1) develop keen readers 2) develop little mathematicians Moreover, I aim to make my class a place where children are welcome, feel safe and are excited to learn! Somethings about me: 1. I am from Pakistan 2. This is my 2nd year teaching 3. I love everything about arts and crafts. I enjoy browsing for interactive learning strategies to make my classroom fun and interesting! See you in the classroom!
Enas Tamimi My name is Enas Tamimi, I am a second grade teacher at Rahmah Academy, this is my second year teaching here. I am Palestinian American. I grew up half my childhood in Tucson and the other half in Palestine. I have a bachelors in Nutritional Science from The University of Arizona. I taught English to elementary and middle school kids in Palestine. I am married and I have 3 beautiful girls.

I love to incorporate my cultural background and bilingual skills into teaching, and expose my students to the diversity and beauty of the world. I am fluent in Arabic and English, and I enjoy spending time with my family, watching movies, cooking, drinking coffee, and traveling.

May Allah give me the knowledge, patience, and guidance to be the best teacher for your kids. Please feel free to contact me: enas.tamimi@mcctucson.org